Saturday, September 24, 2005

Ya know what?

Snowbirds should be forced to live in compounds of barrack style housing all winter and fed gruel. I HATE snowbirds and I'll tell you why. Those assholes feel that everybody in the warm southern states OWES them something because they spend money there. Here's my reply to that. OK, fine figure out what ten extra years on your life is worth and pay me. Because on average I'll bet that extra activity in the mild winters of the south allows them those ten extra years. I'll see that the money goes to good use. The southern states owe them NOTHING. If they don't like it they can huddle in their freezing houses all winter.

Now sit down and shut the fuck up you old goats!

Thank you,

My Taco Stand blog mgt.

WHY OH WHY does your blog keep disappearing Zona boy? it! Welcome to the hockey pool...wooohoooo

NHL.....NFL(myfav...go seahawks) and soon NBA...its all good
Go to my blog. Click on your says profile unknown.
wow, that's interesting because the when I click on me everywhere else it goes right to the ol' page there.
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