Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Went to see Nine Inch Nails last night at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver.

AWESOME show. Now that it has set in I am calling it the best concert I have seen and I have seen many.

From start to finish it gripped me and did not let go. The video portion of the show was synchronized perfectly to the slower song that Trent was performing and was extremely moving. The group has returned stateside to do some shows but comes up to Canada again for several dates.

A few years ago I made my son go with me to see AC/DC in Calgary even though he was not a fan of theirs and he was blown away and very glad that he went. Now I tell you guys. Go see Nine Inch Nails for the amazing presentation that Trent Reznor has put together.

This is a classic that needs to be seen.

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