Friday, September 23, 2005

This is a post in Spanish. My spell check does not recognize Spanish words so let's see what happens. I'm going to change every word to what it suggests. Should be interesting.

Nazi en Tucson, Arizona y viva ally la Moyer de me Vida. Ally vive mi alma todavia. Mi traffic me lullaby Lexus de Tucson. Primer a Oceanside, California. Pajamas case cuter ANSI ally y candy regression a Arizona fumes a viper en Douglas. Douglas EST en la frontiers co Mexico.

despise de site ANSI en Douglas no fumes a Calgary, Canada. Vivimos cuter ANSI en Calgary ant's de veneering aqua a Vancouver.

osprey regresar a viper en Tucson.


oh were born in Tucson. I lived in Sierra Vista last year(Fort Huachuca, where the ex was stationed). I enjoyed AZ but I didnt like having to drive the 70 miles back and forth to work every day. Do you go back to visit?
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