Friday, September 30, 2005

Thirty years ago this month I entered my senior year in high school. It was one of the best years of my life up until that point. For most of the year I was in love with a girl named Karen but was too afraid to tell her. I saw her at our 10 year reunion and she barely remembered me. Ten years later I saw her at the 20 and was glad that she didn't remember.

Anywho I got straight D's in English because I hate to read. I took a basic math class to graduate because I suck at math. A girl friend (Beth Davis) who lived down the street kicked her heroin habit only to be killed in a car wreck. My two best friends were Phil Connolly who last I knew lived in Yonkers, NY and John Barberii who went on to become a doctor, marry a girl I knew in grade school and give me the ol' turn-your-head-and-cough and lower-your-shorts-and-bend-over exams for the physical exam this job I have now required.

No, I did not schedule it with him. He just happened to be working at the clinic I was sent to so it was a nice suprise.

My brother was on an aircraft carrier off the coast of Vietnam.

I watched Happy Days and All In The Family

I went to all of our home football games and cruised Speedway every Friday with either Phil or John. I took Kelly Hanna to a UofA football game.

It snowed. Frampton Comes Alive was our theme music. I did not go to the prom because I was too shy to ask Karen. If I recall I saw two concerts that year. The Eagles and Loggins and Messina. I did not have a job.

I recently ran into a classmate here at the airport in Vancouver. We remembered each other even though we did not hang out together at all. It was nice. The only time I see ANY of them is at the reunions and it's nice because it's like a bunch of good friends again who promise to keep in touch but then don't.

Give me a
R R for Rincon
I I for interest
N N for number one

Give me a
C C for courage
O O for onward
N N for never shall we fail

For the purple and the white is the greatest of all
We shall carry on our name as the proudest of all
So lets all stand up and give a big cheer
For Rincon High!!

Hmmm, I was two.

(ducking, lest a large object be lobbed at my head by this blog's author)

RE: your question about WBW: if you do indeed have a pet scorpion, go ahead and post the picture, love to see it. Just so long as it's not running across my living room floor or dropping out of my ceiling fan.
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