Thursday, September 15, 2005

So I've been looking through all of these photos. I'm looking for a good picture of me and although I know that the pickings are slim I didn't think I would find some of the horrors that I've dug up. I has hammered home the reality that as much as I have tried, I am just not cool. I've always known of course that there were people cooler than me but I though I was at least a little cool.

But alas I am no longer worried about it because although I can still get young good looking women to laugh I KNOW that I am a 47 year-old fat guy.

I had my days and they were great days. I mean check it out you younger kids. What songs do you hear on the radio? A lot of them are from MY day when I grew up. So even though I don't look or sound cool now I will always have that on you. I can pity you because the sound track of MY life was composed by the likes of Elton John and The Who and The BEATLES and Pink Floyd. I remember when Jimi and Janis and Jim were ALIVE, You poor guys got stuck with NSYNC and Michael Jackson and Bryan Adams.

Sure, you had some cool bands but I grew up with the bands your bands emulated. The undiluted birth of what you now know as rock and roll.

Gee, I feel better now then when I started this one. Thanks guys. I knew I could rely on you.

great post Dan. I'm not far behind you at 40. Went to many a great show in my younger years too. we'll talk prior to Mr Good perfomance. had the opportunity to meet him the other day. nice guy. not too many celebs that are in touch with their fans on a regular basis.'s patrick bell
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