Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Satan called me on the phone yesterday afternoon after work. I TOLD him never to call me at home but afterall he IS satan and does pretty much what he wants.

We never talk about my eternal soul so it isn't like "Dan, bow down to me" and shit like that. He just calls to shoot the shit sometimes.

"I hear you're going to see Nine Inch Nails Dan."

"Yeah, and?"

"Trent's my boy. He puts out some great shit!"


"Yeah, who'd you think I would say?"


"Too old."

"Marilyn Manson?"

"Too comic book."

"Rob Zombie?"

"Too damned ugly."

"So did you and Trent make a deal?"

"Nah, nothing like that. I just like his tunes."

"Who else do you listen to?"

"Oh, lots of classical, some R & B, Donnie and Marie."

"Donnie and Marie??"

"Just joking. You being Mormon and all. Ya know you really ought to go to church more."

"What are you my MOTHER? I gotta run."

"Drive safe Dan."


that's so good. but the spammers at getting you now...
Yip, Satan...he sometimes calls at the most inopportune times! Thank God I have caller I.D.
You ought to show a little more respect, really, for your elders and your betters.
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