Monday, September 19, 2005

On a lighter note......this is one of my favorite times of the year. It's CALENDAR time!!

This is when I buy calendars for my wife's family in Bolivia. They only have shitty calendars with saints and virgins on'em an not much nudity or artwork to speak of.

Two of my brothers-in-law are really easy. PLAYBOY!! My wife, who is a saint and my COMPLETE opposite, always gets upset because when I get the Playboy calendars I open them "to make sure all of the months are there". The regular issue calendar is always boring because the poses are cliche' and are repeated every year. I force myself to check that one but I REALLY enjoy the college girl issue. My wife's brother-in-law has saved all FIFTEEN Playboy calendars that I have sent him.

I bought a really good one for my sister-in-law this year. It's really nice black and white shots of Paris. One of my other sisters-in-law will receive the traditional Sierra Club calendar and most others are undecided at this point. My other brother-in-law does not want Playboy because he has two little daughters now but I found this neat vintage pin up girl calendar that I'll probably send him.

I usually end up buying about ten calendars.

Three brothers-in-law
Three sisters-in-law
Three nieces
One nephew

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