Thursday, September 29, 2005

Now that have time let me further explain what I did last night. I finished up at about 10:15 and wanted to post something quick in case some people started looking into what had happened. Then I went to bed because I get up at 3:30AM on work days. NO WAY did I expect so many responses.

I haven't checked the counter to see how many came around but didn't post comments.

I started like I said at Tony's and linked onto Smelly Danielly and from her's to another and so on. I recognized about the first six blogs or so and then started hitting links at random. Sometimes I hit a link in the comment section of a blog and peeled off that way.

Twice I ran into blogs without links and hit the back button to retrace to a blog with links. The third time it happened I stopped because I was tired and the feat is somewhat tedious.

When I mentioned that I ran into groups I'm talking about several blogs with similar links which I'm sure is quite common just like chat rooms used to be. What I was afraid of is that some of these people would say "who the hell is THIS guy?" but that was not the case as several responded.

When I mentioned openly gay blogs I mean blogs where the blogger says he's gay in his profile. You who know me also know that I am pro gay rights so I mentioned it just to mention it as part of my experience in posting on 65 blogs.

Krista asked me if I read the posts before commenting and I didn't. BUT I did go back to the blogs that responded and did a lot of reading and more comment posting. It's kinda tricky to do at work but I managed to do quite a lot.

Thanks to all of you who commented and I will be returning to many of your blogs often. And just so you know, I'm 47, married, four kids, one grandson. If you ask about anything else I will answer.

I may do this again but it will be a couple of months. I hope the idea spreads and I come here one day to see a number posted in my comments.


I like the idea!
It was interesting
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