Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My mother God love her is coming along day by day since the death of my father and is adjusting as best as anybody would. I am the good son and call regularly and take the trip home twice a year.

My nephew who has forgotten more about computers than I am ever likely to learn helped her pick out a nice setup and now she is driving in one bold toe at a time.

She has gmail and is using it more and more.

There is one thing that she has learned.

It's something that I hate.

I'm starting to get emails from her with this kind of subject title.

fwd, fwd, fwd, funny joke or picture.


But how do I tell her? I don't want her digressing with her computer use because it makes her technically not a shut in. I'll think of something. I just delete crap like that when it hits my inbox but one day she's bound to ask what I thought of some fwd, fwd, fwd.

It's probably an email fase or something. At least I'm hoping that's what it is for your sake. I'd just try and tell her you don't really like them, or that you get loads of this stuff from other people too and it's cramming up your inbox.
Go Mom!! Don't say anything to her yet. It's all new to her, she's havin fun. I'm sure it will stop. :)
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