Thursday, September 22, 2005

The most fun I have had doing this is when new people post comments and I check out their blogs and their links. There's some good stuff out there.

I stumbled into a blog by a dj at a strip club and enjoyed it so much that I popped a link to it so I could find it easily.

I'm starting to break my own rule and post links to sites that don't link me. Stuff I enjoy reading. Most of these links are on my other blog since I'm the only person who seems to go there.

Maybe I'll delete it soon and put all those links here. My son reads this blog so you won't see links to any of the spanking or fetish blogs. I'll let you find those on your own.

Good hunting

I'm really glad I ran across your blog. I'm really enjoying your writing! I love the poems you've written, cant wait for you to post more :)
thank you
I only post links to people I like reading. I don't want to brag but there are so many people linking to me these days. I don't want to have a blogroll THAT long ;-)
Best regards from NY!
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