Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Moni listed what she wants in a man and it's quite the list. It got me to thinking and pulling out the imaginary mirror o' the soul. If I were to somehow end up single again how would I list what I am. So let's be frankly honest although if I DID become single I would not be looking for long term relationships.

I consider myself somewhat overweight and would like to be in better shape.
I'm a poor listener.
I'm a terrible procrastinator.
Average parent.
Good son.
25 handicap golfer.
Non drinker for the most part. (hate beer and wine)
Not really outgoing like you might think.
No really close friends.

I have an amazingly good sense of humor.
Romantic to a fault.
Sports fan.
No tattoos. (but that would probably change)
No piercings.

I absolutely LOVE going places alone and no, "but I promise to be quiet and not bother you" just don't cut it. Alone means ALONE.

Long drives into the middle of nowhere with a camera or two is my idea of a perfect situation.

If I became single again I would become pretty reclusive. Any woman in my life would have to be satisfied with seeing me maybe a total added up of six months of the year. If you think that's horrible it wouldn't be you anyway. I imagine there are several who would be perfectly content with that schedule.

I'd be looking for a woman who has her own grown up kids that keep her company and every now and then calls her daughter tells her she's going away for a couple of weeks and the limo picks her up. Isn't quite sure where she's going to go. Just knows it's where I am. Maybe Miami, maybe Rome, maybe New Zealand. E-ticket suprises. Oh she'd have a heads up for type of wardrobe. A woman who knows that a bouquet of flowers means they'll be a knock on the door in a few days. Quiet dinners at home. Picnics out in the country. Hot tub room in Vegas and the only time the hotel casino sees us is when we check in and check out.

Of course I don't see me being single anytime again in my life.

'til death do us part.

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