Friday, September 23, 2005

In no peculiar order here are the ten coolest dudes on the planet.

Sean Penn
Donald Fagen
Gabriel Byrne
Samuel L Jackson
Peter O'Toole
Harvey Keital (sp)
Benicio Del Toro

Mickey Rourke used to be there but if you hit a woman you aint shit anymore. You get bonus points if you can be rocognized by one name. There should be catch phrases like, "see that guy, man he's so pacino". That's IT!! I propose that deniro and pacino become adjectives. I might be grammatically incorrect but you know what I mean.

Bring it on. I've always felt that "buffy" made a good adjective, so why not go from there?

We're linked together over on the busblog, does that make us blog siblings?
great list
Pacino is in the Urban Dictionary. You could add your definition;
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