Monday, September 26, 2005

I'm on hold with DELL because my call is important. Apparently my business is not. I ordered a new computer online all set up the way a good friend advised me and DELL has dropped the ball. My order was cancelled even though I have a bazillion dollars left on the card I'm using. I've talked to three guys with western names and Indian accents because I know their call center is somewhere between me and Mumbai. Now I have Alejandro, Sr Rep dude. Excuse me for a few.

On hold again now but without the concierto.

Oh, here's my man. One moment while I give my info for the 4th time.

He needs two or three minutes.

Why is it so hard? Anybody? My friend says he and everybody he knows has had trouble the first time they dealt with DELL. He told me to give them hell and they'll offer me freebie shit like more RAM.

Three minutes, no Alejandro.

Four minutes. I can see them huddled around the phone trying to wait me out.



In about 15 I leave to head down to the Pacific coliseum to see Nine Inch Nails and Queens of the Stone Age. I wonder if they have DELLs.

Now I have Alma. Supervisor. We must have moved from India.

Hold again.

Hewlitt Packard is sounding better and better. Best Buy in Bellingham. I still have my Alberta driver's license which makes me tax exempt in Washington.

She's given me another number and the concierto is playing again. She's checking to see if those guys are still in the office. (wherever THEIR office is)

Now the credit dept says it's the FRAUD dept. They're probably on Mars but I gotta run now.


stay tuned

Telus sucks more. OMG they suck.
"moved here from India"? Funny man, Dell support is IN India...which cracked me up when I lived in Austin where headquarters were but had to call India for assistance from a guy named "Robbie"...riiiiiight...
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