Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I went to downtown Vancouver on Sunday to play photo journalist. Expecting to go to one rally I found three going on. I signed a petition at the Chinese rally. I listened to a speaker talk about gun sales at the Make Poverty History rally. Then I headed over to the U.S. Consulate for the featured event. The marijuana rally.

I listened to the main guy who the U.S. wants to jail for life talk about the evils of the U.S. which was OK but then he said something utterly ridiculous. Recently a young woman in Victoria died while using drugs. I do not remember if it was meth or ecstasy. But this guy said "she didn't die because of the drugs, she died because the drugs are illegal". "If those drugs had been legal she would be alive today" he said. And the crowd cheered.

You can legitimately say that Canada should not extradite an Canadian to the U.S. when Canada will not prosecute that person for something the U.S. wants to jail them for. But when somebody says something as stupid as this guy, who is a politician, said about the needless death of a young person it just begs for logical explanation.

And that is my political statement of the week.

maybe he's smoked one too many...lol...all I know is the U.S. and Canada better figure out what they are going to do together...up here it must be frustrating to keep busting grow ops, but down there it must be frustrating seeing all the weed come in. And it all isn't doing anything to curb the problem...the drugs just keep getting made and sold
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