Friday, September 30, 2005

I was just on binsk's blog and took a quiz even though I believe them all to be worthless for other than entertainment value.

I was about half right about me after I chose the colors in the order that they made me "feel good".

I tried to save it and post it here but I suck at that kind of computer maneuver.

I'm a skeptic.

I believe that we are far more complicated for random stuff like these quizzes to nail us down. I take them all because they're fun to do and like I said, entertainment. I'm like 65% redneck, 50-50 boyish girlish, worth about 1.4 million etc.

To me it's like believing in psychics. I'll believe in THOSE wingnuts when I read the newspaper headline "Psychic wins lottery".

You can find a link to Binsk in my comments. You see! I don't even know how to put the link in my post and now she'll get mad at me even though this six pack of cokes is still sitting on my kitchen counter while my son hovers over them like a vulture because he drank his last root beer three days ago.

I did 100 comments!! I even came across a blog you'd been to!! That was sooo cool!! Thanks for the idea.

Time for bed now!
you're welcome. I drop by to see what kind of reponse you get
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