Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I just ran through the blogosphere posting comment on what started out to be 100 blogs but got stopped when I hit a dead end at 65 and didn't feel like backtracking again.

It was an interesting experience. At times I felt like I was butting in on a group of people and I even passed through several openly gay blogs.

I started at Tony Pierce and just started posting what number that blog was with Tony being one. The familiar became unfamiliar pretty quick. One blog got two of my posts when I clicked on a link with a different name and got tossed back.

Oh well.

Hi. I was number fifty three. At least now I know what the hell you were talking about.
Hey man! I'm a destination, not a pit stop! Hmmm...60? Out of 65? I'm not sure how I feel about that. Oh well. Mesa, recently relocated.
I've known that feeling with some blogs where I've felt like I was butting in on a clique...

Hi, I was 42.
But I'm not.
I'm actually 36.
well, i'm 64 out of 65 leah. probably wanted to stop as soon as you read my blog, and then somehow got an extra shot of adrenaline to go one more. don't i feel special.
I was forty six. I was wondering what the hell that was all about.

Is mine one of those "openly gay blogs" you passed through? LOL
hey there, couldn't figure out what '28' meant, now I do...
Hope mine wasn't one that felt like a clique - as long as you're nice, you're welcome any time.
I was wondering if I was one of the 'opening gay' blogs too...funny, if so...since I'm not gay, but I could see why reading it you would think that.
I'm number fifty six...thanks for the clarification, I thought you were making a reference to my uterus...stop by anytime.
I was 26 (Hi Varla from 28!)--very interesting idea. I have a question though--did you start with someone you link to, then select one of his links as #2, one of that person's as #3 and so on? I see that 2 away from me is a friend of mine, and I know we have a lot of common people on our links.

Oh, and I could TOTALLY see why it seems cliquish in our group, it kind of is, but we LOVE new people!


You're interesting, from what little I've read. I'd like to know more about your trip to Tucson. I grew up there. What part of town (what High School)?
Interesting that I was 31 seeing as how that's my age!
I was 32. What a cool idea. Come back again sometime eh.
Wow! What an interesting idea! I was number 17. Please feel free to come back.

BTW, your title cracked me up!

Feel free to come back by anytime.
I linked here from #43. Almost as good as spam.
great publicity idea...

i wondered what the hell all those numbers were...
I was 25 and am guessing that you got to Aimee's blog from mine. And then from Aimee's to someone else we know, and onto Varla, who we also know.

Six degrees of blogdom, man.
LOL. I thought you were posting the number of banned books you'd read since that was the gist of my post.
Hi, I'm #20! I too wondered about the numbers when I saw "seventeen" at teh's place!

You hit my family site, feel free to check out The Kept Woman which is where I forget about the kids and frequently talk about inappropriate things.

That's weird. I'm doing the same thing right now only I'm not counting.
30 here... and i *know* three others who replied here. sweet.
Hey there, I was #15.
are you gonna keep going?
I used to do blog surf and I felt the same way, like I was crashing a party. Funny huh?
Your mom sounds like a wise worman, uterus talk must go over great on the third that before or after dessert?

For your sake I hope the hands were small AND warm...ouch.
hey maria, meet binsk, binsk meet maria. you two are both young fotogs who's work I enjoy very much
#37 here, and I thought you were giving a suggestion to naming my dog!
Thanks for the "hookup" zona boy. I went and checked out her photos. Nice.
Number Forty Nine here. I only dug deeper after I found "forty eight" in a fellow blogger's comments. At first I wondered, is this guy targeting faggots for some reason? But now I see it was all good, clean fun, and I'll sample a taco from your stand now and then.

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