Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Hopefully I will get on a plane and fly home to Tucson next week. I'm still debating if I will even attempt to post from there or make you wait until I get back around the 28th. (As if there are very many of "you")

Some things I will do while I'm there.

Get with a friend from high school and ask about next year's 30th reunion.
Play golf where I played with my father before he died.
Go see my silversmith in Tombstone.
Drive to Portal, AZ to shoot those cliffs at sunrise.
Walk from my house to my elementary school. (my moment of zen)
Go to TD's (see the post about the table dance)

MAYBE take my mom down to Obregon to see my grandfather. (depend on how she feels) Obregon has a strip club/brothel that makes TD's look like temple square in Salt Lake City. Can you give me an AMEN?

I WAS going to go to Nogales to buy trinkets but J-Lo will be filming a movie so I'll avoid that mess.
Shoot about 8 rolls of film.

Places where I will eat.

Lucky Wishbone
Two or three of my fave Messcan restaurants.
Jack in the Box

And of course my mom will make my breakfast everyday.

Two eggs over easy

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