Monday, September 19, 2005


I'm at work at 5 fucking in the morning dealing with fucking morons. They have no fucking clue and ask me stupid fucking questions. So this jerk off comes up and I tell him to put his paperwork on the counter. See, I do this so I can grab what I need, check it, and get these dumb fucks down the concourse.

"Please, can't you say please?"

"What?" says I as am doing what I need to do.

I give the guy back his stuff and tell him he's all set.

"What's with you guys that you can't say PLEASE."

I wanted to say please right then.

I wanted to say please go FUCK yourself!!

You see, I work with the public but I'm not a public ass wiper. I respect them but those fucks need to understand that they need to respect me too. In fact the public needs to understand that people who deal with them such as waiters or taxi drivers or store clerks are trying to do something FOR them. They're trying to help THEM out with something. They're not servants, they're not less than them so they need to be grateful.

I believe, and I'm sure if you've worked with the public before you believe, that people like this guy aren't only assholes to you but they're assholes to EVERYBODY so much to the point that everybody that knows this guy thinks he's an asshole.


Have a wonderful day/evening

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. as a long time retail worker.... A-fucking-MEN. this just made my day. -random reader.
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