Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Day off. Cloudy. Daughter's dentist appt. Back ache. Golf for money.

Yesterday I spoke with several people of Iranian descent. They were going to New York because the newly elected President of Iran is going to speak at the United Nations. There was the kid who was going to protest for human rights. There were the two ladies who were going to protest Iran's nuclear program and for women's rights. There was the elderly couple who were going to protest as well.

Mixed in to all of this is a group called MEK. The letters stand for words that name the organization but I can't recall the name right now. This group is a PRO DEMOCRACY group who's members are advocating more liberties in Iran and who are trying to get the repressive religious leaders to let loose of power. They want what I want. They want what you want. They want what President Bush wants in Iraq.

The Department of Homeland Security acknowledges MEK as a PRO DEMOCRACY group. Yet at the same time MEK has also been designated by the Department of Homeland Security as a terrorist organization.

Interesting to say the least.

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