Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Going down to Bellingham today for an eye appt for my son. Gonna buy a scanner, A SCANNER??? people ask. "Don't tell me you have a black and white monitor".

You see! I get the stuff from people when I mention computer. People ask me what my computer is and I tell them "Don't know". How much ram? "Don't know". Is it important? When I was growing up we used to ask "what's it got under the hood"?

I didn't know then either. I just filled it with gas and it got me to the mall. Just like now. I turn the thing on and it gets me online.

Now my 14 year-old SON knows. My son knows that this computer sucks because warcraft moves so slow. If my son would have grown up in the seventies he would have had the fuel injected, V8, big cam, thrush headers, four barrel carbed monster that would have beat me to the mall by say, five minutes.

Of course he probably would have gotten all of the chicks too.

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