Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The dancer climbed up on my legs and forced me back into the chair. She brought her breasts down past my face and her long hair came down like a curtain around my head. I stretched up to touch my nose to hers and we went around in small circles. She smelled like wonderful smells. Our eyes locked and after awhile she led mine down with hers to her wonderful breasts and moved them up over my face again and down again. She did not flinch as I caressed her silk legs and I knew my boundaries so she never felt threatened. I whispered "don't you move from here" as the first song ended. Another began and we danced our dance again. Our eyes, our noses and her brunette curtain that sealed out everything else.

THAT was a table dance to remember.

nice...all firm and everything..
My oh my.
they were about that size binski dear
I felt like a peeping tom reading that post ;)
and I always feel like a little boy in "gentlemen's" clubs
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