Monday, September 05, 2005

College football in the U.S. has started and the kids are heading back to school. The girls, both young and old, are starting to put more clothes on and people are beginning to cherish the sunny days that they took for granted these past months.

Another summer is over.

My 48th on the planet. I haven't lived in the hot climate of Arizona since '98 and I sure do miss those thunderstorms. Sunday I complete 17 years of working for this company I work for and according to how it stands I have 15 more years unless I win the lottery. I've got it good though. For a kid who only has a high school edjumacation I've got it pretty damned good.

Hockey's coming and my boy Oleg will be playing in Phoenix while I'm home. (IF I get home) I gotta give him a ring. Arizona plays Stanford in Tucson and college basketball aint far away.

Summer's over but man do I love the fall.

Click on the Bolivia link to see what a city of 700,000 does once a year. Trust me, you'll be amazed and wish your city could.

I love the fall too!!!

Love love.

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