Saturday, September 17, 2005

And, my fellow Americans, if you elect ME as your President......

I will propose the following legislation.

Gasoline prices will be determined by the car you drive. If you drive say a hummer or large vehicle of that type you will pay $8 a gallon.

If you drive a vehicle with 8 cylinders you will pay $6 a gallon.

If you drive a vehicle with six cylinders $5 a gallon

If you drive an economy vehicle you will pay $4 a gallon.

A gallon of gas for a hybrid will cost you $3.

Buy that Hummer or Suburban or large SUV and you will pay $5,000.00 extra in taxes and a federal tax of $1,000.00 a year to register it.

My intent is to wean America off of fossil fuels within 20 years of me taking office by making it increasingly expensive to use gasoline. These prices that you see will rise each year by 20%. Anybody caught trying to fill his or her vehicle with gasoline at a cheaper price than set forth here will have that vehicle SEIZED by the government and must pay a penalty of the FULL VALUE of that vehicle when it was purchased new.

Any oil company found speculating with what will be "set in stone" gasoline prices will be fined 10% of that company's value as determined by government auditors and it's CEO, CFO, COO and board of directors will be jailed for a term not less than one year.

As a result of these tax increases ALL public transportation will be FREE.

Call me radical.

Have you awaken from that nightmare yet?
EXACTLY! that's exactly what i want to be done.
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