Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The world's greatest police force.

Interpol decided to hold a competition to see who was the greater police force. They narrowed it down to two finalists, the FBI and Scotland Yard. They decided on a venue in Mexico 100 miles north of Chihuahua.

So the two teams and the judge assemble and are about to begin when they see a large cloud of dust approaching. Turns out to be a black suburban full of heavily armed Mexican Federales. The comandante gets out of the suburban and demands to know what's going on.

The judge explains the contest.

"These guys are a bunch of pendejo maricones screams the comandante. WE'RE the best fucking police on the planet and we'll show you. And amigo, seeing that you are in our country and we have the guns I suggest that you allow us to prove it to you".

So now there's three teams competing.

The judge puts a large box on the table in front of him. Out of the box he pulls a rabbit.

"This is a rabbit. If you notice he is brown with two black feet and two white feet".

The judge puts the now terrified rabbit down and it takes off into the desert like a bat out of hell.

"Whoever finds that rabbit wins".

The FBI immediately calls for a mobile command unit. Scotland Yard calls in their tech support team. Helicopters appear out of nowhere and the teams scramble to set up satellite dishes and sat phones and coffee makers and tents and trailers. The Federale comandante yells, "VAMONOS MUCHACHOS!" and the Mexican jump in the suburban and take off in a cloud of dust and hail of AK-47 gunfire.

One week goes by and the FBI team leader approaches the judge and announces that due to budgetary constraints and Senate subcommittee subpoenas the FBI will be forced to withdraw. The FBI packs up and leaves.

The next day Scotland Yard's leader approaches the judge and tell him that her majesty the queen has summoned them home to sweep her yacht in preparation for her tour of the realm. Scotland Yard packs up and leaves.

Two days later the guy from Interpol decides that this might be his best chance to get out of town unnoticed and is packing up when he sees a large cloud of dust approaching. It's the suburban hauling a trailer. The suburban stops just short of running the guy over. When the dust clears the comandante gets out and announces that they have captured the prize. Bullets fly and cheers from the men fill the air.

The judge is actually excited.

"Let's have a look"!

The comandante opens the back of the trailer and the judge is shocked to ELEPHANT.

"What the hell is this"?

The comandante throws down his cigar and grabs the elephant by the trunk.

"Orale pendejo, tell the man who you are"!

"OK OK, just don't hit me anymore. I'm the rabbit"!

ha! is a good un.

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