Sunday, August 21, 2005

Up on a beautiful Sunday morning. Excuse me just a minute, gotta put some tunes on.

Steely Dan, Alive In America.

And isn't America a great place. Let's forget all the political happenings and just talk about the place.

I was in Maine once and the weather was pretty shitty but I have always wanted to go back in the height of the summer. Nice two lane roads thru the countryside and maybe pop over to St Stephen again when I hit Calais. I had lobster 'cause you GOTTA eat lobster while in Maine 'cause it's the LAW and cracked everybody around me up when I asked for catsup.

I told you about Miami but I didn't tell you the time I tried to play golf there. Parts of my bag are STILL wet and the drive down to Key West is boring after the first two bridges where you think "what a cool view" and Key West is just a place crammed with people and shops wanting you to buy something that has Key West burned/painted/stenciled/tattooed/printed on it. So remember kids. BISCAYNE BAY, South Beach, Bayside (for that Argentine place). That's all you need to know.

San Diego is just fucking awesome. Last time I was there my buddy Rima took me to the gay section of town. THAT my friends is where you always find the best food because say what you want, gay people DEMAND good presentation. Rima took me over to the red light district of Tijuana on one trip and that was a lot of fun. (No is the answer to your question). The gaslight district is a great place too although the restaurants aren't as good as they would have you believe. You MUST have a fish taco in San Diego. It's the LAW. The best are either in Pacific Beach or Tecate. Pacific beach is easier and much more interesting. There's a wooden roller coaster there

Seattle. Pike's Market. Get to Seattle before Mount Rainier awakens and ends the party. Space Needle area and downtown is good walking area. Just be out before dark unless you are in a group. The BEST Chinese food I have EVER eaten is in Pike's Market. People always ask me where the place is and I say look for the sign that says Chinese Restaurant while you're exploring a REALLY cool market.

There's the four corners. Let me eat and we'll fill in some of the rest.

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