Monday, August 29, 2005

This is about as close as I have ever come from a hole-in-one. 4 1/2 feet. This was my second shot off the tee in the format I explain below. I made this putt for a bird. I would only count it as a hole-in-one if it was the FIRST shot anyway. You have to have three witnesses for a hole-in-one to be considered "official" by the course you were playing. I tell people that if I hit a hole-in-one while playing alone it would not matter if I had the witnesses. It would be official on MY book and I would buy one of those cool display cases to put the ball in.

Here's a funny and true hole-in-one story. Yogi Berra was playing in a charity golf tourney and hit a hole-in-one. Of course he had the witnesses and it is official but when they got to the next tee he teed the HOLE-IN-ONE ball up. One of the guys in his group told him he should SAVE that ball to which Yogi replied "no, this is my LUCKY ball now".

Yogi promptly hit his tee shot into the lake in front of the tee.

helluva shot big guy!
i used to work at a golf course in toronto and this kid and his dad come in from a round and the dad is bursting. apparently the kid hit a hole in one on our island par 3. but, it was his mulligan, his first ball didn't make the island. the dad was freaking out, the boy just shurgged his shoulders, and said 'next time'. classic.
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