Monday, August 15, 2005

So I'm going off on Matt Good's blog. It's been building awhile so I'm due I guess. Matt is an EXTREMELY intelligent fellow and I respect what he has to say immensely. See I can say that without sounding like I'm kissing up because he don't come around here. I just have some problems with some commenters basically echoing what he has to say and I call them out for not having any viable stuff of their own.

Of course I am outta my league when I go toe to toe with Matt but that never stopped me. I'm sitting in my corner now breathing heavily. I can't see the tits on the girl with the big numbered card.

Cut me mick, cut me.

i've been reading matt since he started posting manifestos in like '98. and i love his writing, but i HATE his commentators.

they are either sucking is cock so hard they are choking on their (his) words, or they are there out of spite and hate his guts.

both are obvious and lame and never contribute to the conversation.
I can't take the intensity of Matt's blog.
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