Friday, August 19, 2005

Read an article the other day where a guy is suing Carlos Santana because he was fired for not being spiritual enough. Sounds like fun. I have a beef with Carlos and let me tell you why.

Jorge Drexler's song "Al Otro Lado Del Rio" from the movie "Motorcycle Diaries" was nominated for an academy award. It won the award.

The elitist suits of the academy would not allow the Uruguayan Drexler to perform his own piece on their broadcast and even refused to answer his phone calls. It seems that they believed that he was not well enough known to perform HIS award nominated composition.

In step the "shaman" Carlos to perform (actually I think BUTCHER) the song on an electric guitar while Antonio Banderas butchered the lyrics.

So here is a guy, Carlos, who will tell you that he is all for human rights and dignity siding with a champagne and caviar bunch to keep an artist off their "sacred" stage.

The academy show was boycotted by Walter Salles, the Brazilian born director of "Motorcycle Diaries" and the movie's star Gael Garcia-Bernal who is from Mexico as is Carlos.

Drexler showed great dignity by graciously being there to accept his award and even sang part of the song as his acceptance speech.

Now I'm not perfect but when Carlos Santana runs around shouting for Hispanic rights and then disrespects an Uruguayan artist like that when others have made a stand with a boycott it's just not right.

He's lost a fan (me) that was around since Abraxas days.

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