Monday, August 08, 2005

OK so I've calmed down. I'm very tired these days. Tired in the way that aches and makes you pissed off.

Mutual Admiration Society playing now. Very nice mellow stuff. Kinda bluegrassy slow. I forget the band these guys are part of and I remember all the comments dissing the CD because it wasn't deemed as good as their original band but who the hell wants to listen to clone CD's of their last CD of clones from their other CD.

This CD was playing in the used record store I was paroosing while a tire was being changed on the van that we have since traded in for a '04 Dodge Stratus. A beautiful red sleek machine that is not the hybrid that I would liked to have gotten but I don't have the dough re mi.

I love used record stores and hearing good tunes and asking the counter people who the hell is that. Found my Tori Amos, Scarlett's Walk because I was paroosing a card store on 4th ave in Tucson. My home town and 4th ave is where the cool shops are but the local voodoo supply outlet closed but dairy queen is still open. Hot fudge.

Talked to a lesbian couple today who lived in separate houses so I was smokin and jokin when I mentioned to one that the other must need her space and she says to me "I haven't been able to figure her out all these years" and I said "great, join the club because I can't figure women out either".

Love the lesbians.

do u know what "zona boy" means in hebrew? look it up or ask me if ur stumped...
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