Thursday, August 18, 2005

The long day end of another week

So what's 15 hours? Four day weekend now. Listening to Jack Soul, I Still Believe In Love. Some very good posts out there this week peeps and one extraordinary photo taken by a young talent who should be happy with her stuff. Damn I gotta get some of my shit scanned. Anita Baker smooth smooth voice on a CD of slow soul tunes just for me.

I have the feel of warm breezes thru a Miami hotel window. Biscayne Bay is where I stay when I'm in that town. Dinner at the Edelweiss German restaurant or the Argentine place in Bayside or if I go over to South Beach it's gotta be the pasta at the Clevelander.

A stroll thru the humid evening with a partaga glowing between my fingers and lips alternatively. Maker's Mark bourbon back at the Hotel's patio bar and feet soaking in the jacuzzi late into the night.

You can have every other bit of Miami but give me those evenings in Biscayne Bay.

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