Monday, August 22, 2005

I've only been to a Hooters once in my life.

West Edmonton Mall

I walked in to look at maybe a t shirt for one of my Bolivian brothers-in-law. I hear your skepticism but it's true. If/when I want to see cleavage I cut to the chase and go to a strip club.

So anyway they have these post cards of Hooters girls and the sign says "take a Hooters girl home for $2.50.

I look at the counter girl and say, "hey, that's not bad" to which she smiles. THEN I finish my thought. "Cause it usually costs me about $30 in liquor to get a Hooters girl home". She stopped smiling.

i've only been to hooters once, too. and it was in T.O. and it was with my mom, how cool is that?

not very.

the food sucked and the chicks were so average it hurt.
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