Thursday, August 11, 2005

It's a goddamned crisis at the ol' hacienda tonite boys and girls. I am out of Coca Cola. Canadian Coke tastes like shit so I'm gonna hope I can take it to tomorrow when I can go across the line.

Big Sugar is playing got my head in a haze, feel like a cat in a cage...digging a hole golly I loved that band and the way that cloud of smoke rose from the crowd at the stampede a couple of years ago. Good thing the ol' boss didn't know enough about Big Sugar to hand me a piss cup the next day as I climbed in the ol' taco stand....can't read the lines on the page, I'm feeling twice my age.

My momma has a computer now and got an invitation to gmail in her first week and what the fuck's up with THAT noise. Oh well. I'm not in my email too much anyway other than to look at the dirty pictures and jokes my bud sends me from Calgary. I just hope mom doesn't use email to nag me to go to church and hell no she isn't getting this blog address.

Canadian coke tastes like shit? Who knew? I love Coke and I believe I have had it both here and in the States but I didn't notice the difference. I'll have to pay more attention next time :)
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