Monday, August 29, 2005

It feels like Saturday to me but it's Monday to everybody else.

Wow, I got to sleep in until 7AM but I had to get up to see what the hurricane was doing to one of the few major cities that I have not been to.

I wanna play golf right now but I told a friend that I would wait until he got off work so we could play. Why do I do shit like that? One of my faults is I do stuff for people knowing that they wouldn't give me the same consideration. I see things when I'm walking around and I think, wow, wouldn't what's his/her name like that and I actually contemplate getting it when I know he/she wouldn't give two shits of thought about me.

One of my favorite scenes in any movie is in Wyatt Earp where Wyatt meets Doc and Doc asks "do you believe in friendship Wyatt?" and Wyatt nods yes and Doc asks "do you have many friends?" and Wyatt nods no.

That's me nodding.

I put a lot of value in friendships only to get little back. One of my best friends is a Bolivian who I recently saw after 10 years. We never call each other because of the distance and both of us being so busy but I KNOW that if I showed up at his door I have a place to stay for as long as I need and he knows he gets the same from me. If you put the total time that we have spent together conversing and laughing our asses off when we talk about women and politics you would have less than 24 hours but we are probably closer than our wives who grew up together and were best friends through high school and are the reason we ended up meeting in the first place.

I can't say the same about people I have known for years.

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