Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I met Joanna Krupa today and all I can say is refer to my old post where I define stunning as it applies to women. I looked at her and said "you're gorgeous" and she replied "you're sweet" and I jumped around like rudolph in the christmas special when the doe told him he was cute.

Wow, what a glow this woman had. And those eyes.

I'm STILL stupified.

HOW did you meet Joanna? :) I'm entirely jealous. She's one of the many women I'm in complete envy of.

Thank you for the comment on my entry - you're incredibly sweet. :) I was kidding though - I'm really not as insecure as that!

See you around, I should hope!
She's hot. That's hot. and yeah, how did you meet her?
met her at the airport. truly a beautiful woman inside and out
amazing, truelly

Jelousy runs through all our veins
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