Monday, August 22, 2005

I just realized that I left one of my favorite meals off my list.

Toasted cheese sammiches and tomato soup. Oh boy ever since I was a kid I've been eating that stuff. I'm a BIG milk drinker too. HATE beer and I haven't had caffeine in 12 minutes mimi. No wonder I got the shakes!

Other food items I love

UNfrosted brown sugar and cinnamon pop tarts.
Sardines in hot sauce with avocado on club crackers.
Cheetos (crunchy)
THIN MINTS!!! (girl scout cookies)
Chunky Monkey Ben and Jerry's
Corn and Wheat Chex
Fried hot dog sammiches
Jack In The Box onion rings
Mars bars
Beef tongue (that oughta chase some of you outta here)
Corn Dogs
Calamari (world's best is at the Jazz Alley in Seattle)
Breaded zucchini (I make the best)
Sauteed mushrooms

It's no wonder I weigh what I do and my cholesterol is what it is.

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