Sunday, August 14, 2005

How did I get this Job?

I took a test. A one question test.

You're driving down the road and it's pouring rain. You're in a two seater car when you come to a bus stop where three people are stranded.

1) A buddy who has gotten you outta more precarious situations and IN to more panties than you can count.

2) An old woman who is on the verge of death but can be saved if taken quickly to a hospital.

3) The woman of your dreams. The perfect woman for you who you will only have the chance to meet right here, right now.

Only one of them will fit in the passenger seat. What do you do?

The test monitor told me that I had two hours to contemplate my answer and put it in the form of an essay of 500 words or less. It took me 10 minutes.

I got a call back for an interview with the company. The interviewer told me that everybody was intrigued by my answer. You see, this test had been put together by shrinks and philosophers to check an individuals ability to think outside of the box. They used this test to hire ALL of their employees.

The interesting thing I was told is that the "correct answer" was that I should pull over, toss the keys to my buddy who could then drive the old lady to a hospital while I stayed behind with the woman of my dreams. I didn't answer that way but I was hired immediately because they saw me as someone who thinks outside of the box.


I run down the old lady and take her out of her misery and send her to a better place. I do the woman of my dreams on the hood of the car and then drive off with my buddy to get some beer.

That is if the woman of your dreams isn't scratching your eyes out for unwanted advances, right?

I know, I'm such a party pooper.
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