Friday, August 19, 2005

Good morning world and isn't it always a beautiful morning when I can listen to Day 444 of the Dreggs Unsung Heroes album through my $300 Bose head phones?

Call me an asshole now, and you can since I scored a 49% on the asshole rating test, but it seems to have gotten out of hand in Texas from the dignified mother, who had already met once with W, to the point now when IF he wanted to meet with her HIS staff would have to call HER staff and work out scheduling technicalities with her being much busier than him.

I won't apologize for the way I feel on this because I can point to my 49% assholeness and why should we apologize for how we feel about something and wait, this piano part of Day 444 requests that I now close my eyes and move my hand as if I was a conductor of the piece. And in comes the violin and I move like Hannibal Lector in that fancy cell but I don't like lamb so bring me a T-bone and that feisty young april lady who does the ol' phone sex gig and you can watch because I've always been very accommodating for my friends.

That's Day 444 boys and girls so if you're on one of the file sharing sites that features some such song and you have a bazillion songs now but you still need more but which more do you need well I'm here to tell you that you need this one.

I wonder if the kids left me any fruit loops.

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