Sunday, August 21, 2005

Favorite Spanish words and examples of use:

Pendejo: pen DAY ho, means pubic hair but used as an insult. Rush Limbagh is some kinda pendejo.

Desgraciado: des gras see AH do, used like sonofabitch. He's a desgraciado.

Guey: way, not really sure what it actually means but friends call each other guey like buddy. What's going on guey?

Verga: VAIR gah, means dick. Goes along with one of my favorite phases. "Me vale VERGA": may valay VAIR ga. or that means dick to me. Literally means dick or cock.

Joder: ho DARE, verb to fuck. Another one of my favorite phases (two actually) deja de joder: DAY ha day ho DARE. or stop fucking with me and no joda: no HO da. or don't fuck (with me)

Huevon: way VONE, one who sucks cock. The female being way VONE ah. A good general insult.

Mama: MAH mah, from the verb mamar or suck but used to mean something else. If you tell someone to "no mama" you're telling them to quit messing with you or pulling your leg. A brown noser or suckup is referred to as a mah MOAN. Put mama and verga together and you have either a real good time or a TREMENDOUS brown noser.

Baboso: bah BO so, one who is a blathering idiot. Baba means slobber. Add oso and it means one who slobbers. In this case to the point of slurred speech idiocy.

Cabron: cah BRONE. Many of you have heard this word. It's a common insult but it really means pimp. The kind of man who would put the female members of his family out on the street working johns.

DISCLAIMER: I use these word a LOT but with friends. We use these words to bust each other's balls. Strangers, specially those with knives, guns, police badges, etc should not hear these words directed at them. Use them amongst yourselves and aim them at me if you like. Practice them in the privacy of your own home. I just hope you get the hours of enjoyment out of them that I do.

I loved spanish class in high school.
Cool post! Spanish sounds a lot like Papiamento, which is the language they speak on the islands my parents are from.
cool. i always wondered what cabron meant, i's one of my favourite RHCP songs, and after i listen to it, it's usually in my head for about a week. so i'm in the grocery store signing, "CABRON, CABRON!" i hope i've offended many people. ha!
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