Monday, August 08, 2005

Damn. If I'da known y'all was coming!!

Just check the ol' meter and found out people from all over the globe have been stumbling in here. Spain, Sweden, England, Argentina, Germany and some universities too.

Kinda makes me think that maybe Miss Cleavage wasn't such a hot idea. Girls from all over think I'm a PIG......wait, let's make that MORE girls from all over think I'm a pig.

I would have at least cleaned up the place and had some refreshments. A lot of people clicked on me from my profile interests being the same as theirs. I'm glad I got voodoo, human sacrifice, cannibalism, teletubbies, and cat juggling off my interests list.

I even had a visit from the Sgt of Arms of the U.S. Senate according to the log. THAT'S SCARY. Maybe they heard about my Senator Kyl post. It's STILL a stupid idea sarge!

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