Tuesday, August 30, 2005


As you can see there is now a link to a blog from Bolivia here. I have started posting some comments on that blog and this is for the benefit of those people who may come check me out.

I lived in Bolivia four years. (mostly in La Paz)
I married a Bolivian.
I know guys on both sides of the political spectrum.
If you know what's up with Mario Paz-Soldan feel free to let me know.
Oscar Castro of Savia Andina is one of my very best friends. If you see him tell him I said hey.
Oriente Petrolero is the BEST soccer team in Bolivia.
I was just there in January after 10 years of absence.
If I could I would live there permanently and probably will when I retire.

Places I have been in Bolivia.

Oruro (6 months)
Coro Coro (2 months)

Where I lived in La Paz.

Villa Armonia
Barrio Grafico
Ciudad Satelite

Hello "Zona Boy":
I just got in this web site. I don't really know who you are , but Just in case I am Mario Paz-Soldan from La Paz Bolivia , I have been in all the places that you talk about, specially Tupiza, I am from Sopocachi.
Anywaya, just e-mail me any time at cmpazsoldan@hotmail.com
Hope to hear from you soon.
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