Saturday, August 13, 2005

20 questions with 'zona boy

What do you do?
I work as an analyst in the tourism industry. I study trends and try to make predictions on how and where people are going to travel. This info is then used by airlines and hotels and investment bankers to determine where best to put their resources.

Married 23 years. Four kids, two of each. One grandson.

You grew up in Arizona but now live in Canada. Do you like it?
Canada's OK. I'm in Vancouver now but I wish I was still in Calgary. What a great town with great surroundings. Pretty damned cold but that was alright. You breathe in some -20 degree air and you feel alive boy.

Yeah, the place is FULL of them. Canadians are Canadians. They like what they like and they like to diss Americans but I really don't care. That may just be what bothers them the most.

Laid back mellow people except for Phoenix. Maybe that's why I like Alberta so much. The attitude was very similar.

Your ambition is....?
To win the lottery. If I clear over 100 million I give half of it away to charity.

Name a few.
My cousin died of AIDS so the hospice that took care of him gets a million. BC Children's hospital, lots of food banks, battered women's shelters. Stuff like that.

What do you hate about your work?
Most everything.

What do you love?
Almost nothing. I'm good at what I do and it beats stocking shelves at Walmart but I'm pretty tired of it. Too bad the bennies are so good.

Tell us something that would surprise us.
I was a Mormon missionary. I'm not religious now and I wasn't really then but it's something I did for my mother. She wanted both of her sons to go. I went. It was the experience of a lifetime. I recommend it to all young Mormon males. I think EVERYBODY oughta do something like that for at least a year. Peace Corp or some other volunteer work around the globe. I will never regret having done it.

Where did you go?
La Paz, Bolivia. What a great place. Two years living with the people and running to the toilet from time to time.

You met your wife there. Describe her.
My wife is my opposite. She's very modest and proper. She's what holds me steady through all things. She's a godsend. Probably the reason I'm not dead. I met her on my mission and two years after I had gone home I returned and convinced her to marry me.

Describe your passion of golf.
Passion? Well if you call it a passion golf would be my dominatrix. Golf punishes and ridicules me just about every time I play. I love it though. I'm very submissive to her. I shoot in the 90's.

Why don't Americans like hockey?
Canadians don't understand that when hockey starts the NFL is going full blast. When the hockey playoffs roll around we're in the midst of March madness. Put the NBA and NASCAR and the World Series in the mix and hockey just don't make it.

What are your 5 favorite sports teams?
New York Jets
Calgary Flames
Phoenix Suns
Arizona Wildcats (any sport)
Oriente Petrolero (Bolivian soccer)

How many was that?

Describe yourself politically.
Pro choice. Pro death penalty. Anti W. Pro gay rights. I'm not in any political party but I always vote.

Why do you blog?
I dunno. But I'm well on my way to 1000 page views. It got me back on the computer regularly again. I read Tony Pierce and Matt Good and Michele all the time and a bunch of others from time to time. It makes the world smaller.

You didn't think I could come up with this many questions did you?
I don't think I'm interesting enough to answer that many.

What would you say if I told you that THIS QUESTION is number 20?
I would say it's over.

O I am so stealing your questions. Well, and then changing them a little. I'm glad you read my blog, it makes me feel loved.

Where did you get your rotten Irish accent?
Cool answers. Love your political views.

But I have to disagree with you on one is the only sport that matters :)
Gosh, I didn't see the MN Vikings in your favorite sports team. And if hockey was the only sport that mattered (as binsk commented), it dies for me (a MN native) when the North Stars were sorrily shipped to Dallas. Go Vikings!
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