Tuesday, July 19, 2005

So today I find out that BEFORE I get to spend 7 grand on my daughter's braces I have to pay almost 2 grand to have two of her root canals fixed. The only good part was that I was seated and the receptionist with fine cleavage bent over to explain the stuff to me. That, and I got a free pen. On the way out my daughter and her friend are giggling because they snagged two juice boxes out of the fridge in the waiting area. "Hell", says I, "go grab two more. They cost me enough". Let me add to the fun by telling you that my vehicle is on it's final legs so I'll be buying a new one next month. How was YOUR frikking day?

Please let me know where your dentist's practice is. Those mammaries look mighty fine. They would make an excellent mascot for our Church of Scientomology.
White Rock, BC
Ouch. Sorry to hear that. Hope she's there when you bring said daughter back for her monthly torture adjustments.
My day was good. Thanks for asking.

What kind of vehicle do you want to get? Just make sure you figure in the sales tax on your purchase when you go to liscense it. Or maybe most adults already know about that. It was a rather rude $800 awakening to moi.
I got poked and prodded at the eye doctors and found out that my vision care expenses are going to be waaaay more than I anticipated. And my car engine was overheating or something today which totally pisses me off.
i spent two grand getting my wisdom teeth pulled in may. and i'm a poor fourth year university student! all my university health insurance covered was $500 - at least it's over with, but did it really have to happen when i am my absolutle poorest? aparently.
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