Sunday, July 17, 2005

The life of selling tacos used to be such a simple life. Good customers were the majority with the occasional kid you'ld have to run off for trying to pass a phony $20. But now times have changed so dramatically. The boss wants me to be able to pick off people that might KNOW that kid or live in his neighborhood. The boss says now he's knocking over taco stands.

Two couples came up to the stand yesterday. I had moved the my mobile stand down by the water since the weather was decent enough to bring out the crowds. These couples were smiling and happy and love seemed very much to be in the air. Young kids. Good looking kids. One of the girls with a bright colored scarf on her head that danced delicately in the breeze. These kids were glowing with excitement about their coming adventure.

They lived here in the local neighborhood but three of them had been born in a distant neighborhood next to some kids with phony $20's. The man who leases me this stand just recently preached that I should respect all people the same. The trouble is the same man threatens to take my stand away and leave me in the street if I'm "taken" by a phony bill or a phony smile. So I think, "is there ANY reason besides where these kids grew up that I should hold their $20 up to the sunlight for closer scrutiny?".

I could think of none and the kids went happily on their way. But given the recent happenings at some fish and chip stands in far off neighborhoods I still have a tinge of uneasiness. That's what a taco stand job has become lately. I talked to the guy who has a stand down by the train station and he says I got it easy. He has to hold EVERY bill up to the sun to check no matter who give it to him. Poor guy.

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