Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I'm up FAR too early on my day off but we had to take my daughter's buddy to the airport. So what the hell, let's see if I can come up with something interesting. I FINALLY got a digital camera. A cheap digital that I'm gonna play around with until I have the do re mi for the new canon that I want. Of course what I REALLY want costs a grand but takes the EOS lenses that I have.

Now it's time to start posting to my buzznet account and seeing if I can find a way to link it here on the side like some sites I've seen. Dana Delaney has not contacted me and I know it's probably because she's working in some remote location without computer access. I'm an impatient man so it's time to move on.

Time to go watch the shuttle launch. I'll make another futile attempt at interesting later.

Thanks for dropping by.

watching the launch all i could think was, is this really the best way to invest all this money?
I just kept thinking one more fuck up and it's all over
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