Sunday, July 03, 2005

A guy came up to the ol' taco stand with "change is coming" blazoned on his shirt. At first I was hoping that meant I wasn't going to have to break a 20. Then I realized that it was the only clean shirt he had because that's all he complained about was how technology was changing and all taco stands everywhere couldn't be the same.

I want change to come. This morning I wanted that damned red light to change. There was no traffic but it's stuck on the cycle it uses when there is heavy daytime traffic. I changed the radio....several times hoping to get a good song for my "last song syndrome".

I want my daughter's teeth to change so I don't have to shell out the 7 grand that braces are going to cost me. I offered the dentist a change of life experience. I held up my mega millions lottery ticket and said "I can pay you OR I can offer you this opportunity to win 60 million dollars". She's not a gambler.

Change is coming but that guy doesn't want change. He wants things to stay as they are or he ends up looking like an idiot.

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