Monday, July 11, 2005

God believes in GHOSTS?

We sent our youngest son over to Calgary to visit his best friend. He called the other night and I asked him if he had been up to see the house we lived in for four years. He told me that his buddy who lived in that cul-de-sac told him that many families had moved in and out of that beautiful house. He told my son that the house was haunted. Of course my son KNEW that because he had been tormented by the ghost. The ghost would go into his room at night. He never saw anything but he heard and felt the ghost. As a result he slept in our room on the floor for the last six months or maybe longer that we lived there.

I remember seeing "flashes" of light from time to time but the other kids had better stories. My other son believe that the ghost lived in his room in the basement. When the ghost was there the room became very cold and when it moved past it was like a freezer door had been opened. He was not afraid of the ghost. The girls heard strange noises. I probably heard noises too but dismissed them as house settling noises or the wind creeping into the siding.

When my wife hung up the phone after talking to our son I looked at her and said, "the neighbor kid says the house is haunted" to which she nodded and said "I know who it is". I was stunned. My wife is the religious one of the family. Goes to church every Sunday, prays every day. Here's the "rock" of the family and she knows who the GHOST is???

After we moved into the house the landlord graciously agreed to have the basement finished. That's a BIG thing in Calgary because almost all the new houses have basements but few are finished. Most are just big empty places where the furnace is. People use them for storage or their kids use them to work on that slap shot.

An Asian couple did the work in the basement and they did a great job. Tragically the woman died shortly before the thing was finished. My wife talked to her a few times and she complained that her husband treated her badly and that was evident to my wife because he used to yell at her. My wife thought she was a nice lady. They never had any children and the lady kinda regretted that but later on in life she came to dislike children. My wife says that lady is the ghost. So why doesn't she go torment her abusive husband's ass?

I grew up in the religion that my wife still practices. I don't remember any ghost talk in Sunday School other than the odd demon possession thing. Ghosts? I have been told that Calgary is FULL of ghosts. Some good and some bad, with the highest concentration being the northeast part of town. We lived in the northwest. A friend of a friend actually got a picture of one who lived in his daughter's closet. When he showed it to a catholic priest the priest said "oh, that's a good one. There are lots of bad ghosts too".

Just one more thing to ask God next time I see him.

Hmmm, more food for thought. I believe in ghosts.

I have re-written this like 5 times - trying to express how touched I am.

That you read my writing and because of it chose two songs - JONI MITCHELL no less - to recommend to me. I have not heard those songs but I just downloaded them and I am going to listen now...I will be sure to share my thoughts. Probably on my blog. =o)

I need to take more photos, thanks for reminding me.

One of my best friends in the world says "Ta". You are intriguing me.

Be well.
I believe in ghosts, too. I love good ghost stories, but I've never been able to write one. Hmmmm.
Enjoyed a lot! here
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