Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Deberia (I should have..)

I hide dreams without thinking when it will come.
And if the light embraces me at the beginning
I live playing, supporting the truth.
Now I want to listen.

There should be a little more.
I do not need to ask.
There has to be a little more.
This silence will grow.

When life does not come to greet me
I suppose it hides in my city.
Better to go out, look, and confront it.
Now I want to escape.


Punish me I'm sorry.
Now do you feel better?
Punish me for you.
This sun and this dream,
with you is finished
in some corner.


I was mistaken. That IS Grillo singing. Rocio Cuba is the owner of that wonderful voice singing with him. Grillo is playing a 12 string guitar.

I hope you listened. Please let me know if you did.

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