Thursday, July 07, 2005

Carlos looked through the photos of the crime scene. The one kid he did not know was face down with his hands tied behind his back. He had been shot once in the head and had fallen against the wall before sliding down to the ground. It looked like he had been rolled over on his stomach so the killers could get his wallet. There was no property envelope with his body at the morgue. The Alcocer boy had been tied to a chair and had more than likely witnessed his friend's death. What Carlos had not noticed that day is that two fingers on Alcocer's left hand had been cut off. He looked again at the pictures but could not see them on the ground anywhere. Alcocer had been stabbed in both thighs before having his throat slashed.

Carlos called the morgue again and discovered the two fingers were not with the body. This killing did not make sense to Carlos. This kid was not high enough in the pecking order he thought to be killed this way. He was just a common mule thought Carlos. If dopers thought somebody was going to talk they would normally just kill them outright. This kids had been worked on as if he had some information that they wanted from him. They thought he knew something but what?

Carlos would be able to get the photos over to David when they bodies were taken across the line to the mortuary in Douglas. Robledo had probably already sent his roll over to Juarez. The two Mexico City federales had gone to Phoenix to shop for their wives and mistresses and would fly home from there. Now Carlos had to get some people working to put together the reasoning behind the killings of two Americans. The U.S. government would want some answers but he needed the right answers.

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