Sunday, July 03, 2005

American me.

I recently read commentary on a blog about Americans traveling the world. It made me think. How do I describe the perception of Americans by people around the world and I came up with this.

Right away people think they have an idea of what I am based on TV. People think that as an American I listen to Rush Limbaugh and believe that the dominance of the world by my country is what I want. They not only believe that I voted for the current president but suspect that I talk to him on the phone daily. They believe that as a white man I really DO hate blacks and that my favorite movie is the Rodney King beating. They believe that I live THEIR perception of America and American life when they really don't have much of an idea what either means to me.

Here's the truth about me. I believe that my country is great and that it's people do great things. I believe that the government is an overbloated bureaucracy but that it pretty much stays out of my way of enjoying what I like to do. It DOES have a huge impact on the world as you know and if it were up to me it wouldn't. I would pull all the boys home, cut off most foreign aid and work on feeding, clothing, and educating Americans first before venturing out again. Someone once told me that Americans think they own the world to which I replied "I wish YOU paid for it cause we sure pour a shitload of money on it".

I've voted in every presidential election since I was eligible to vote. I never voted for Clinton, voted for Bush the first time but think he's run the thing pretty shitty. I've voted for and met my congressman who is one of the few if not the ONLY openly gay Republicans in Washington. That's fine with me because he does a fine job for his (my) district. I believe that Government has no place in my private life except to collect taxes and provide basic public services. I am AGAINST the current tax cuts because I believe that the country can't afford it. I believe the simple answer to the social security is to raise the contribution level to the first 150K from the current 90K. I have a separate retirement plan and believe that anybody who doesn't is in for trouble.

I love college sports more than pro sports. I believe we should be seeking out alternative fuels because it just makes too much sense all around. I believe that we should cut the ability of foreigners to enter and work in professional jobs because we have too many college kids not working in their degreed fields. I believe that the proposed "guest worker" program is a new form of slavery. I believe that the children of undocumented aliens living in the U.S. should ABSOLUTELY receive public education. I am dead set against bilingual education programs beyond say, the 4th grade. English is the language because if you don't know it you're held back by a tremendous barrier. I believe in a fair amnesty that legalizes those currently living here and have committed no crime. I believe any non-citizen regardless of status who is convicted of a serious crime involving violence should be deported. I believe that if you have been convicted of certain crimes in your country you should NOT be allowed to enter mine. PERIOD. The only people who have an undeniable right to enter the U.S. are U.S. citizens. I support the death penalty. I do not believe it to be a deterrent but a punishment.

I believe that the U.N. should be moved out of the U.S.. I believe in leaving the rest of the world alone to chose how they want to live their lives and elect who they want to elect. I believe that there are WAY too many guns. There should be at least a two year moratorium on the manufacture of ALL hand guns except those manufactured for law enforcement. THEN production should be extremely limited in the very least if not eliminated altogether because people realized that it is a pretty good idea. I believe in a woman's right to choose to have an abortion but I think that abortion is wrong. I believe that if we brought our military home we should put them on the border to tell the narcotics traffickers "it's over now motherfuckers".

What I am not nor will I ever be is an apologist. You'll never hear"Gee, I'm sorry you think that we're bad but gosh, we really don't try to be" from me. If you tell me that my country is full of shit you're gonna here the big "fuck off". Just like you would tell anybody who dissed YOUR country. Diss the government fine, but not my country.

I go on both sides of the "right/left" ideology but know this, I love my country. I want you to love it. I want you to come visit. We got some really cool shit here. Forget who invented what. Just come enjoy yourselves. But remember this, Americans are as complex and varied as anybody in your country, as passionate about their country as you are of yours, make mistakes as you do. I like to watch the sunset and go to the movies and eat good food and see new things and places and laugh with all my friends who are, and are not from the U.S.. That's the attitude that created places like New York, Vegas, L.A, Disneyland.......



im here to thank you for posting a comment (the first one i ever had) in my blog. but before that, im going to do what i should do in first place as a visitor and post a comment... i found this text of being an american very interesting..often americans are critized, its our daily bread outside america, and your text has with no doubt a new view of things, a different aproach...i enjoyed it although of course i cant cope with some things... makes pretty well the idea i have about whats going on on the head of an american...not of all americans of course...i dont doubt that they arent good people, but in my european view i see them as little ignorant people, stubborn and fundamentalist.. always fighting or aiming for great goals like justice or liberty in the wrong way, in a very inverted way. and the more stupid thing is that the rest of the world goes with them, do what they preach, like they are afraid of something...and what evil they do to the world..pardon me, pardon all this speach..but im very sorry for them, for being so stupidified by their governement. america the land of freedom is not free at all!how can they with no education, with no humbleness , with no opening, change the world, change america (not the continent), that is poor in all ways?
just to finish, i read in your profile that you are in favour of death not! i dont understand how can we condemn an assassin with an assassination..arent we being assassins too? and besides, death is unknown to us and we always could be rewarding the assassin with, lets say, paradise..who knows...think about that..

well, thanks so much for your comment on my photo. my blog is still under construction and i have better photos that im going to post soon..please, return one day, id like to have more comments from you.

i saw too that you are in vancouver..a latin eheheh candian...i am a portuguese canadian and a latin too, as some i? a name made by people that dont know that we were here before them...i am in quebec, and arrived 1 year and a half not to immigrate because the world belongs to everyone, but to marry a canadian ehehhe...and im happy..i hope you are too.

sorry for my silly anti-usa speach and for the errors.


Hey there - great post. So you're a Mexican-American living in Canada?

That's awesome.

Good story going, too.
Excellent, love it!
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