Sunday, July 10, 2005

Alvaro Burrola was born the United States like his sisters and most of his cousins. His parents owned a house in Tucson and every time mom was ready to deliver she would stay up there until the baby was born. This served two purposes. The first being all the kids could then be educated in the U.S. and what may have been more important in at least one case, they could never be deported or denied entry into the United States.

Alvaro and his sisters all attended a private school in Douglas before going on to Douglas High. Alvaro played baseball in the same stadium where David Aguilar had played albeit a few years later. Alvaro's teammate on the baseball and football team was Gustavo Teran. The two were friends but not best friends. They both belonged to a small click of students who partied together and had been given the nick name the cherry hill gang. Cherry hill was a east of town where the kids would go party on warm summer nights. Douglas kids had been going to this popular make-out spot since there were cars to take them. Alvaro was in a group that laid claim to the spot as their own.

The parties on Cherry hill stopped after the bodies of six suspected drug mules were found where all the kids parked their cars. The six had been murdered execution style. The locals suspected some rogue Border Patrol Agent because the marijuana was still there when the bodies were found. They were partly right. An agent had witnessed the murders from "D" hill to the south. What they would never find out is that Alvaro Burrola was sure that one of the mules was a snitch. He just didn't know which one. David Aguilar knew which one it was and it had been his case. He put together enough information from different sources to know what happened. It just wasn't the kind of information and sources that he could put on the stand in court.

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